Disposable Lens Packs for SUPER VIEW® and BIOM®
Vitreo-Retinal Viewing Systems
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Disposable Lens Packs for the Zeiss RESIGHT®

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Disposable lens packs may be used with either a F-175 or F-200 microscope objective lens.

The SUPER VIEW® disposable lenses offer the Vitreo-Retinal Viewing System user many significant benefits. These lenses provide a superior 130 degree field of view as compared to previous lenses. Additionally, since they are one time use, the surgeon will experience a crystal clear view every case without unavoidable scratches and sterilization spots associated with reusable glass lenses. Time savings are also realized by avoiding the significant “downtime” experienced by sterilization systems utilized by many of today’s operating rooms.

Items also sold separately are:

HTC™ Hassan-Tornambe Contact Lens
Sterile Microscope Drapes

Two convincing reasons why disposables are preferred:
The deterioration of the reusable correction lens and wide field lens after autoclaving.



SUPER VIEW® is a registered trademark of Insight Instruments, Inc, Stuart, FL, USA
BIOM® is a registered trademark of Oculus Optikgeraete GmbH, Wetzlar, Germany
RESIGHT® is a registered trademark of Carl ZeissAG, Oberkochen, Germany