SUPER VIEW® Vitreo-Retinal System
Inverter and WAM™ Support

Instructions for Use Processing Guide WAM™ & Adapter Lubrication & Maintenance Lenses Quartz Disposable Lenses

Quick Reference Focusing Instructions

Zeiss Leica Topcon Moeller Takagi
Lumera M220-M690 OMS-90 900 OM-9
Opmi 6 M500/M501/M620 OMS-110 HI R900 OM-18
MD (O) (I) (U) M-500/M501/M620 APO OMS-600 series    
MD (O) (I) (U) Ring Support M-690-0 deg. OMS-800 series    
Retrolux 1/3 M-820-844      
Retrolux CS        
Retrolux CS Ring Support        
Retroskop 1/2        
Retroskop CS        

Alcon (Endure), Kaps and Prescott microscopes also supported.